Friday, November 22, 2013

Maintenance Mike

Everyone knows him, everyone loves him, but who is he? Foscoe Rentals handy-dandy Maintenance Mike, is well known for "saving the day!" From running toilets to flameless pilot lights, Mike is a jack of all trades for minor and major repairs. Joining the Foscoe family in October of 2010, Mike is here five days a week keeping our renters and homeowners happy! 
When asked his favorite part about his job, he, without hesitation, states, "The interaction with the people!" This positive interaction is evident when guests enter the office asking for him by name. 

Maintenance Mike does not work alone! If you've ever passed the maintenance van on property, you've probably noticed a furry companion hanging from the rear view mirror! This is Mike's coworker, Fredrick the Monkey! Fredrick offers lots of laughs and second glances to our guests and owners! 

Maintenance Mike, off the clock, enjoys working around his house and watching football! He is the proud owner of one dog, Konn; and two cats, Oscar and Felix. His favorite NFL team is the Carolina Panthers, and supports our local App State Mountaineers as well! Maintenance Mike's AppState vs. Western Carolina prediction for this upcoming Saturday is Appalachian State with the win (28-14)! 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Saturday, November 23
 Appalachian State University hosts the Western Carolina  Catamounts for the Annual "Battle for the Old Mountain Jug"

Dating back to 1932, the Mountaineers and Catamounts have gone head to head to battle for victory on the football field. These teams have met up annually with no interruptions since 1946 and began the trophy series in 1976.

The trophy, an old moonshine jug bearing the mascots for both teams, weighs approximately 25 lbs and has remained unchanged, with the exception of some minor paint touchups, since its creation.

With Appalachian State's move to the Sun Belt Conference, it is rumored this may be an end to long running rivalry between two of the top Western North Carolina Colleges!
The Appalachian State and Western Carolina rivalry dates back to 1932 with the Appalachian State Mountaineers holding a 58–18–1 advantage over the Western Carolina Catamounts. The two teams have squared off for 67 consecutive years since the game was suspended for World War II, 1942–1945.
Appalachian State victories are colored gold     . Western Carolina victories are colored purple     . Ties are shaded white     .
November 5, 1932Boone, NCAppalachian State20–0
October 13, 1933Cullowhee, NCAppalachian State15–0
October 12, 1934Boone, NCAppalachian State6–0
October 26, 1935Cullowhee, NCAppalachian State12–0
October 17, 1936Boone, NCAppalachian State20–2
November 6, 1937Cullowhee, NCAppalachian State14–0
October 29, 1938Boone, NCAppalachian State27–0
October 6, 1939Cullowhee, NCAppalachian State54–7
October 11, 1940Boone, NCAppalachian State40–8
October 11, 1941Cullowhee, NCAppalachian State35–0
November 9, 1946Cullowhee, NCAppalachian State42–6
November 1, 1947Boone, NCAppalachian State20–0
September 25, 1948Asheville, NCAppalachian State14–13
September 24, 1949Boone, NCWestern Carolina13–6
September 16, 1950Cullowhee, NCAppalachian State13–6
September 22, 1951Boone, NCAppalachian State26–6
September 21, 1952Asheville, NCAppalachian State20–12
September 27, 1953Boone, NCAppalachian State7–0
September 19, 1954Cullowhee, NCAppalachian State27–7
September 14, 1955Boone, NCWestern Carolina7–6
September 15, 1956Asheville, NCAppalachian State19–7
September 24, 1957Boone, NCAppalachian State25–0
September 25, 1958Cullowhee, NCWestern Carolina32–22
September 26, 1959Boone, NCAppalachian State14–12
September 24, 1960Cullowhee, NCAppalachian State2–6
September 23, 1961Asheville, NCAppalachian State25–12
September 22, 1962Asheville, NCTie6–6
September 28, 1963Boone, NCAppalachian State14–3
September 26, 1964Cullowhee, NCAppalachian State27–10
September 25, 1965Boone, NCWestern Carolina7–0
September 24, 1966Cullowhee, NCAppalachian State35–33
September 23, 1967Boone, NCWestern Carolina21–0
September 28, 1968Cullowhee, NCAppalachian State28–14
September 27, 1969Boone, NCWestern Carolina35–7
September 26, 1970Cullowhee, NCAppalachian State17–10
September 25, 1971Boone, NCWestern Carolina26–0
November 18, 1972Cullowhee, NCWestern Carolina35–21
September 22, 1973Cullowhee, NCWestern Carolina23–14
September 28, 1974Boone, NCWestern Carolina21–17

November 15, 1975Cullowhee, NCWestern Carolina20–11
October 2, 1976Boone, NCAppalachian State24–17
November 19, 1977Cullowhee, NCWestern Carolina44–14
November 18, 1978Cullowhee, NCAppalachian State39–13
September 22, 1979Boone, NCAppalachian State35–27
November 1, 1980Boone, NCAppalachian State27–24
November 21, 1981Cullowhee, NCWestern Carolina21–10
November 20, 1982Boone, NCWestern Carolina26–24
November 19, 1983Cullowhee, NCWestern Carolina41–15
October 6, 1984Boone, NCWestern Carolina34–7
November 9, 1985Cullowhee, NCAppalachian State27–14
August 30, 1986Boone, NCAppalachian State17–13
November 21, 1987Cullowhee, NCAppalachian State33–13
November 5, 1988Boone, NCAppalachian State42–21
November 18, 1989Cullowhee, NCAppalachian State31–20
October 20, 1990Boone, NCAppalachian State27–9
November 16, 1991Cullowhee, NCAppalachian State24–14
November 21, 1992Boone, NCAppalachian State14–12
November 13, 1993Boone, NCAppalachian State20–16
November 12, 1994Cullowhee, NCAppalachian State12–7
November 11, 1995Boone, NCAppalachian State28–3
November 16, 1996Cullowhee, NCAppalachian State24–17
November 15, 1997Boone, NCAppalachian State13–7
November 21, 1998Cullowhee, NCWestern Carolina23–6
November 13, 1999Boone, NCAppalachian State34–10
November 11, 2000Cullowhee, NCAppalachian State35–28
November 10, 2001Boone, NCAppalachian State34–24
November 16, 2002Cullowhee, NCAppalachian State24–14
November 15, 2003Boone, NCAppalachian State26–18
November 13, 2004Cullowhee, NCWestern Carolina30–27
November 12, 2005Boone, NCAppalachian State35–7
November 11, 2006Cullowhee, NCAppalachian State31–9
November 10, 2007Boone, NCAppalachian State79–35
November 22, 2008Cullowhee, NCAppalachian State35–10
November 21, 2009Boone, NCAppalachian State19–14
October 23, 2010Cullowhee, NCAppalachian State37–14
November 12, 2011Boone, NCAppalachian State46–14
October 27, 2012Cullowhee, NCAppalachian State38–27
November 23, 2013Boone, NC

November 13, 2013
SUGAR MOUNTAIN SKI RESORT, NORTH CAROLINA. November 13, 2013 - Sugar Mountain Ski Resort in the Appalachian Mountains of Western North Carolina is open today, Wednesday, November 13th for skiing and snowboarding. "It feels terrific to get the winter season started. A mid-November opening is typical for Sugar Mountain," said Owner & President Gunther Jochl.
Snowmaking began Sunday evening, November 10th and continued until mid-morning on the 11th. A brief warm-up shut snowmaking down for the day. However, the snow machines came back to life early Tuesday morning as temperatures steadily dropped throughout the day. Overnight temperatures settled in the single digits at the summit and mid-teens at the base, creating an ideal snowmaking environment. Snow flurries accompanied the polar express leaving a dusting of natural snow on Sugar Mountain. Snowmaking continues.
Today skiers and snowboarders can expect a 6-24 inch base on a manmade packed powder surface covering the Upper and Lower Flying Mile slopes. The Summit #1 Lift is in operation to the 3/4's station. Lift/slope ticket prices are $30 for a full-day session and $25 for a half-day session. For a real time look at the slopes through the live, streaming web cam please log on to
The Sugar Mountain Ski and Snowboard School and the Equipment Rental Shop are both fully operational. Sugar Mountain Sports Shop, located in the Base Lodge is open for the season. It features the finest in winter apparel and footwear, quality gift items, and souvenirs; a great place to begin your holiday shopping. Plus, new winter items are arriving daily. If you have a group please contact the Group Sales Department. They will be happy to accommodate you.
Sugar's 10,000 square foot outdoor ice rink and tubing park are scheduled to open as soon as weather permits. to see both activities opening progress.
For more information please call 800-SUGAR-MT or view for the latest slope and weather conditions. Historical opening and closing dates as well as recorded annual natural snowfall measurements can be found at

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Foscoe Rentals and Big Ridge Tree Farm 

Christmas is just around the corner and Foscoe Rentals wants to help you "deck your halls!" Our office, in association with Big Ridge Tree Farm, is offering a FREE 6' Christmas tree to guests who book 3 or more nights between November 22 and December 22. Coupons will be given at check-in to visit this local choose and cut Fraiser Fir tree farm!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Foscoe Rentals Remembers Our Veterans 

Come enjoy the High Country with 20% off reservations made for the upcoming holiday weekend. 

Friday, November 1, 2013

Foscoe Rentals strives to give back to our community and local charity organizations. The month of October, our office matched donations for The Susan Komen Organization for Breast Cancer Awareness.

November brings the 3rd Annual High Country Turkey Trot, supporting the Hospitality House in Boone. In support of this organization, our office will be accepting canned food donations in our office through November 27, 2013.

Guests staying with us, who donate five or more cans to our cause, will be entered in a drawing for a gift basket, compliments of Foscoe Rentals.